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001 Can and Will

Welcome back to the podcast. A little housekeeping is in order. Sit back for a 1:1 chat with Katelyn as she talks shop and things to come. Be ready as this rebrand is going to change your life.     The Lady Boss Kiosk –  A new FB community made to lift us up! Come … Continue reading 001 Can and Will

Episode 08 – Go out and DO IT!

This week Katelyn leaves you with a stream of consciousnesses on her thoughts surrounding This is Us, Vanderpump Rules, mental health, and making it happen in your life! Sit back and listen to a stream of consciousness and random thoughts all strung together in a powerful message of JUST MAKING YOUR OWN DAMN HAPPINESS!   … Continue reading Episode 08 – Go out and DO IT!

Episode 04 – Living with purpose -featuring Jess Coomes

This episode of the podcast features my dear friend Jess. We cover everything from steroid induced constipation (for when sh*t doesn’t happen!)  to finding a purpose driven life. A huge thank you to her for joining me on this podcast and pouring her heart into it for all of you. I thank her for talking … Continue reading Episode 04 – Living with purpose -featuring Jess Coomes