S2 EP 04- “Per Diem, and I didn’t even get a sausage link” Featuring Danielle Booth


What is your worst nightmare? Ours would certainly be getting arrested for something we absolutely did not commit, be taken to jail, processed, miss work, only to discover that our identities  had been stolen and used against us in a court of law :).  Worst case scenario? What if you were the HR director for your company and your mug shot came close to including your company logo that was on  your shirt at the time or arrest? 🙂

Tune into this podcast as Katelyn talks to Human Resource Director and friend Danielle Booth about a crazy incident of mistaken identity, being an empowering and successful woman, and of course laugh with us about some of Danielle’s crazy stories. You do not want to miss this episode!! You will laugh so hard you pee your pants!!!


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