Episode 7 – Little Chairs and Big Lawyer Dreams – Featuring Emily Logan


In this episode Katelyn is joined by another southerner to discuss everything from political discourse, faking life on social media, to her aspirations for women in the legal field.  Emily is a hilarious young woman, and she offers so much to the podcast, including  a mature and intelligent view of the world and those living in it. In this episode listeners are urged to step outside of their comfort zone and begin talking again. The girls also tell a long winded attention deficit disordered story about staying in a haunted bed and breakfast dating back to before the civil war.   Emily has been a great source of support for  this podcast since day one, and it is great  to finally have her on the show. She happens to date the brother of Katelyn’s boyfriend, and they have so much to say about those North East Ohio Yankees that they kinda sorta love. 🙂 Tune in for a good chit chat full of intelligent discourse yet humorous mistakes!


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