Episode 05 – Break the Cycle


In this Episode, Katelyn is Joined by Lauren Pedley a former sorority sister and incredible friend. Lauren is a self made woman in the truest sense of the word. She is a brilliant and talented marketing director who found herself early in life, and without the help of a parental figure heads. One day, she suddenly found that the world as she knew it was about to change drastically as she married the love of her life, and suddenly took custody of her two young nieces. Lauren is the most compassionate soul I have ever known. She is hard working and stands for the empowerment of all women, especially a friend like me. She has vowed to “break the cycle” for those she loved. Lauren is the sweetest most endearing woman I have ever known, and I know that everyone will feel it from her stories told in this podcast. In this episode, you will find comfort in knowing you are not alone, and that you can break whatever cycle your life holds to become whatever it is that  you want to be.

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